Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lewis Elementary School Complete

Last week I completed the Lewis Elementary School lion mural. Lewis Elementary is a brand new HISD elementary school just north of Hobby Airport on Rockhill. Anyone in Houston should go check it out in person. The school will be open to the public in August 2011.

The whole mural went up in jigsaw pieces cut roughly 14" x 14". 
This was Kate and my favorite jigsaw piece.

The last piece goes in!

Many thanks to the installation team, myself, Kate and Carlos.

The whole project would not have been possible without the hard work of Mary Walker and Noe Almaguer of Molina Walker Architects and Justin Jordan and Spencer Bennett of Drymalla Construction. Spencer was a bit allusive and missed picture time... Thanks to all of you!

One more job completed!


Joanne Chase said...

This project is just stunning and how wonderful to show the importance of arts to the students. Do you work on mesh?

Katie Waller said...

What a fantastic project... and absolutely gorgeous!!!
I just can't imagine the hours and hours it must have taken to make it! But students and parents for years and years to come will enjoy it! Congratulations!!!

billow said...

Just extraordinary! What a great work

heart4minds said...

What a BEAUTIFUL mural! So glad the link was provided on the HISD community newsletter. I am now an HISD parent as well. Hi to Mr. Hagen from Ms. Arrazolo!