Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Austin Dragon days 9-13!


The head has all it's scales and the neck starts getting it's starfish!

DAY 10 & 11

Emily and "Nessy" want to see who is taller

head grouted.

DAY 12 and she is almost done!
Dixie and Saskia's efforts on the head look amazing!
Emily and Dixie after a long, long day

 The beast lies in wait for one more night...

Last Day!

All the parts are ready to be installed in Mueller Park
a scaly green underbelly
beautiful bands run along the body of the creature
the monster is "stamped" amongst sea life
"NESSY" and DIXIE!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Austin Dragon Days 4-8

Day 4- Dixie tackles the head

 DAY 5

The crest of the Dragon is formed...

middle hump has all it's scales!

The tail of the monster gets it's "stripes"...

and the nape of the creature's neck forms it's beautiful armor

the face and horns come alive!


sea life gets installed on the neck of the creature

shells and starfish ride a cresting wave on the tail
the tail shows a bit of its green underside

 a detailed pattern on "Nessy's" eye sockets and forehead

3 parts of "Nessy" close to completion at the end of DAY 8

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Austin Dragon Days 1-3

"Nessy's" monstrous head is unveiled at Blue Genie!
Mosaika arrives with Dixie Friend Gay on Day 1

 The snake's middle hump emerges...

Emily, Mike and Lorna! Family at work

Day 3 Dixie and Mike grapple with the beast's mid-section

"Nessy's" scales glisten with tile from Blackbird Mosaic

"Nessy"... ever watchful.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

North Texas Sunrise wins award!

North Texas Sunrise was awarded one of the best public art projects of 2013 by American's for the Arts!

This year I was in Tennessee for the announcement of the award and celebrated with Mosaika.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Largest Skate Park in North America!

Got to see all the amazing concrete work for the skate park in Greenspoint, so excited to be doing this project.
Dylan Park for multiple handicap set to open July 20th and the whole skate park will open in the fall!

Our walls! Soon to have mosaic. 
Inside the bowl

a 20' pipe!