Friday, March 8, 2013

North Texas Sunrise DAY 25, LAST DAY!

The rewarding end of a long and wonderful journey.  Many THANKS my assistant Kate and to the  team from Mosaika, all who glazed, cut, and placed tile as well as Mike, Emily and Ferruccio for installing.  Could not have done it without you! And a huge THANKS to Drema Chaves and Kay Kallos from the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Kim Kavanagh of KAVPLAN, the team from Hensel Phelps Construction, and Jeff Miller of Love Field Modernization Program for all your support during the installation.  

My amazing team! Ferruccio went home early and is not pictured.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

North Texas Sunrise DAY 21- 23

Not too many pictures for these last few days as grouting is grouting and this picture of Kate says about all you need to know about it.  But Emily was able to capture a few moments on the Mosaika blog.  Check em out:

Lots of grouting in they sky.

Kate after a dirty day of grouting.

Friday, March 1, 2013

North Texas Sunrise Day 20- LAST PIECE ON THE WALL!!!


It's been a long journey.

Hey, Em, how many pieces do we have left now?

Coming down for the final piece!

So thrilled to see it all on the wall... now the grouting takes center stage.... stay tuned!

North Texas Sunrise DAY 19

Pieces for today, the last 3D pieces!

Mike and Emily work well together way up there!

Where you can find us.

The last bit of back-buttering.

Ready for the next piece.

Mike makes it look easy.

Almost to the end!
All the crazy artists out to dinner!
We ended the day on a high note, treated to dinner with Brower Hatcher and the team from Mid-Ocean Studios! Delicious! Thank you Kay and Drema!!